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Short note: The register and payment-wall are now taken down after some new security measures where put in place to deal with the garbage that was causing the requirements of such in the first place. I hope for the sake of it, that people act like they have more than 2-bc's and let 0x1 serve as a free service in the feature. Yours sincerely ~ Voyager ~

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NOTE; My domain has been flagged for "Phishing" over at my CDN and other 3rd party sites because of some individuals that have been acting like skidz and wannabe hackers spit on my trust - I herby put up a paywall and remove the "no limit" URL-shorting on my front page and instead supply you with a limited free account and additional three payment options. This means that all the URL's that are auditioned and validated "ok" will remain the way they are but all accounts registered will be monitored and alternatively banned as I see fit without any further notice IF the account holder doesn't think twice before shortening a URL Now what: By now you have to register for an account, as well as supply valid payment info and personal info to ensure you are who you are. This will be auditioned - and if it fails by security measures given, the account will be declined/deleted and IP address and ORIGIN banned only because of the fact that I don't need your money, I don't need this to be a public service, I don't need retards to abuse what I think should be free to use for all of the people, but I choose to let it bee so because I'm such an awesome person. IF and only IF people learn to behave I will make this service free once more, but as for now the payment wall is up until further notice. PS! I do get a donation alternative (url in the footer) so if you like to donate som cents and give me a heads up I'll sign you up for a free pro account out 2020. Offer stands until 1st of May 2020   Yours sincerely ~ Voyager ~

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